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Dr. Rok Roškar (Univerza v Zurichu) bo predaval o migracijah zvezd v petek, 21. 12. 2012, ob 10. uri v predavalnici F3 na FMF, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana. Vabljeni!

Prejšnja predavanja so na razpolago na spletni strani Astrodebate.

Povzetek predavanja:

The disks of spiral galaxies build up through a variety of processes. The demographics of stars, their kinematic and chemical properties, that we observe today represent a historic record of these past events.

Recently, it has been recognized that stars can efficiently "surf" on the crests of spiral waves throughout the disk, meaning that their present-day locations may have nothing to do with their birth environment. This radial mixing makes the disk a much more diverse place and galactic archaeology much more difficult.

I will discuss the recent advances in our understanding of this process, its implications ranging from astrobiology to extragalactic disks, and place it in the context of cosmological galaxy formation.

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