V okviru ponedeljkovega fizikalnega kolokvija bosta imela Vid Iršič in prof. dr. Tomaž Zwitter predavanje z naslovom Pospešeno širjenje vesolja - Nobelova nagrada za fiziko 2011 (Accelerated Expansion of the Universe - 2011 Nobel prize in physics).  Predavanje bo v ponedeljek, 14. novembra 2011, ob 16:15 v predavalnici F1, FMF UL, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana. Predavanje bo v angleškem jeziku. Vabljeni!


Povzetek predavanja:

The fact that the Universe is expanding has been known ever since Edwin Hubble's discovery in late 1920s that distant galaxies recede from each other at velocities proportional to distances between them. A shock to scientific community came in the late 1990s when two independant groups discovered that the Universe is not only expanding but is doing so at an ever increasing rate. Both groups were using distant supernovae as standard candles to measure distances that stretch billions of kilometers over space. The results were compatibale with predictions of general theory of relativity with additional term, cosmological constant, which was postulated by Einstein himself which he later disregarded and dubed it his greatest bundle. The discovery for which this year's Nobel prize is awarded proved this bundle to be of a more brilliant type. However, even though the mathematical construction exists to explain this phenomena we are no closer to understand it in the framework of standard model of particle physics.

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