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Stefano Covino (INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Brera, Italy) nam bo predaval o izbruhih žarkov gama v torek, 7. 6. 2011, ob 14h v predavalnici F5, FMF, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana. Vabljeni!

Prejšnja predavanja so na razpolago na spletni strani Astrodebate

Povzetek predavanja (v angleščini):

The host galaxies of long GRBs represent a class of objects of great interest. First of all, studying their properties we can derive information about the progenitors of these events. In addition, these galaxy can be selected, thanks to the GRB afterglow brightness, to very high-redshifts providing a sample of objects that would have escaped any other luminosity-biased galaxy survey. In this talk I will review their main features and discuss the importance in the field of the advent of new generation spectrographs as the ESO X-shooter.

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