14. 12. 2017: Astrodebata Considerations for Robust Modeling of Triple Stellar Systems

Torek, 12 December 2017


četrtek, 14. decembra, ob 12. uri bo imel Kyle Conroy (Villanova University, ZDA) Astrodebato o trojnih zvezdah in izzivih pri njihovem modeliranju. Predavanje bo v predavalnici F7 na Jadranski 19, Fakulteta za matematiko in fiziko, Univerza v Ljubljani. Vljudno vabljeni!

Eclipsing binary stars allow for the direct measurement of stellar parameters and distances and are therefore an important tool in the calibration of stellar relationships. In several cases, astronomers have been able to achieve a precision of 2-3% in stellar parameters through modeling these systems. By introducing an additional component, however, it is possible to achieve precisions as low as 0.5%. In order to precisely and accurately model these complex systems, we must take into account several considerations, including: light time effects, perturbations to orbital elements, and distortion of the stellar surface (in the case of a close inner-binary).