31.05.2011 - Astrodebata

Nedelja, 29 Maj 2011

Logo.ADLooking for the missing baryons in the local Universe

Luca Zappacosta (INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Rome, Italy) nam bo predaval o intergalaktični snovi v torek, 31. 5. 2011, ob 14h v predavalnici F5, FMF, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana. Vabljeni!

Prejšnja predavanja so na razpolago na spletni strani Astrodebate

Povzetek predavanja (v angleščini):

About half of the ordinary matter is still missing from the census of the baryons in the local universe. Cosmological simulations show that they should be hidden in the large-scale filamentary distribution of the cosmic web as warm-hot (logT=5-7 K) tenuous (10-6 - 10-5 cm-3) intergalactic gas (WHIM) weakly emitting in the Far UV/X-rays and therefore very difficult to detect with current instruments. Focusing on the X-rays, where the majority of the missing baryons can be identified, I will show and discuss the most promising WHIM detections.